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Principle 2.1 The tool you love, now more polished.

From Principle Blog: "For 2.1 we focused on addressing common feedback that hasn't fit into previous updates. This will make your day to day more enjoyable and allow us to focus on the bigger changes we have planned for future releases. If you work on large web or...

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“Prototyping with Principle vs Atomic” by @davekova

"This article isn’t about comparing ALL of these cool and different tools, it’s simply comparing the 2 apps that WE use at Mossio. They also seem to be easiest to learn and offer a one-sided service which is prototyping only (not bundled with wireframing, mockups and...

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Q&A with Principle founder Daniel Hooper

Q&A with Principle founder Daniel Hooper about his animated/interactive user interface design software, feedback, and decisions: "The value of Principle is that it enables you to think more clearly — in the past designers worked kind of like a composer with no...

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How Principle can make you design better

"It is time to stop looking at design as a series of static pictures that you click through, tackling transition and animation in the development stage – if at all. There are plenty of mobile prototype tools out there, but Principle stands out by better lending itself...

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